Food Safety Services

All Systems Go Ltd specialises in food safety and quality management systems. We can help your business meet all compliance needs and improve or develop a quality management system.

Our food safety and quality specialists have helped numerous businesses fill the gap between the actual situation and the desired one.

All Systems Go Ltd. is proud to work with:

Bakery: Retail, In-house and Contracted
Beverage: Carbonated, Water, Juices, Coffee and Alcohol (Wine, Beer, Premix and Spirits)
Broker: Meat, Sauces, Condiments, Dairy and Beverages
Catering: Home Based Businesses, Restaurant, Services and Off -Site
Confection: Chocolate, Candy and Snack Foods
Dairy: Cheese, Milk, Ice Cream, Gelato, UHT, Dry Powder, Storage and Infant Formula
Fast Food: Distribution Centre and Retail Outlet
Fruits & Vegetables: Storage, Whole and Processed
Honey: Collection, Processing and Export
Import / Export: Transitional Facilities, Approval and Certification
Meat: Processed, Small Goods and Whole Meats
Pack Houses: Dry Products, Produce, Fresh Fruit and Vegetables
Packaging: Manufacturing, Storage and Contracted Services
Sauces, Dips and High Acid Preserved Foods: Chutney, Mayo and Jams
Seafood: Retail and Manufacturing
Supplements: Dietary, Health and Nutrition
Transport and Storage: Ambient, Chilled and Frozen

To assist our clients with the implementation of the Food Act 2014, Food Regulations 2015 and associated Food Notices.

Template Food Control Plan: Assistance with the programme implementation and registration process

Custom Food Control Plan: Development and implementation of customised Food Control Plan

Our team have all been involved with writing and delivering training in the following areas:

  • Internal Auditor Training
  • Food Safety Awareness
  • HACCP, including the Dairy Industry, Meat Industry – Introduction and Advanced
  • Pathogen Management, Meat Industry
  • Microbiology
  • Cleaning
  • CIP and Cleaning for the Dairy Industry
  • RMP Development
  • VITAL – Allergen Awareness
  • Food & Related Products Processing (FRPP2)
  • MPI Biosecurity Transitional Facility Operator Workshops
  • Accredited Persons (Import Health Standard for Sea Containers)
  • Transitional Facility Operators (Transitional Facilities General Standard)
  • Hazardous Substances (HSNO Act)

Development and implementation of a Food Safety Programme and Quality Management System

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All Systems Go consultants are solution providers. Our experience and interaction with clients and auditors has given us a broad range of resources.
  • food premises planning and layout
  • food business registration (link to subsection below)
  • supplying tailored procedures for all facets of the quality system
  • supplying practical tried-and-tested records
  • desktop and on-site assistance
  • improving practice to meet regulatory and internal requirements
  • product and environmental microbiological testing methods
  • identifying and resolution of food safety or quality issues
  • crises and emergencies management
  • assisting proper communication with regulatory authorities
  • product recalls or investigations.
  • maintenance of your food safety and quality management systems
  • traceability exercises and mock recalls
  • specifications development
  • food fraud assessments
  • shelf-life assessments

We also provide contract management, allowing you to keep your programme or system running during staff transitions, unexpected staff shortages, or even on an on-going basis.

And integral food safety support: 

Equipment – Suppliers, calibration services, maintenance and repairs, and validation methods.

Testing – Coordinate with local and national testing facilities, testing supplies, and consumables.

Reference material Industry best practice, international Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Guides.

For more information, give us a call now on 09-557 4200 to discuss your requirements or email us at

Food business registration – All Systems Go can assist from the beginning. 

  • advice for all risk based measures regarding the requirements
  • advice to plan a smooth commencement of operations
  • provide business layout diagrams
  • submission of application forms to registration authority

Food Act 2014 – Risk Based Measures 

Custom Food Control Plan 

  • provide all essential components
  • advise and supply practical procedures and forms
  • implementation training
  • provide testing protocols e.g. environmental, product, shelf-life
  • assist operator verification (self-auditing)
  • preparation for external verification e.g. internal audits, reviews
  • closing out external verifications on time
  • essential staff training
  • advise and supply practical procedures and forms
  • preparation for external verification e.g. internal audits, reviews

My Food Plan  

The MPI My Food Rules generates the My Food Plan for the business. This is at the same level of risk as a custom Food Control Plan. All Systems Go provides components which need to be developed in addition to the plan. Verification often identifies that additional business procedures need to be added to the My Food Plan.

  • ingredients and inputs risk assessments
  • process control flow
  • identification of hazards
  • regulatory or operator limits

All Systems Go provides complete solutions and support for custom Food Control Plans and for businesses operating the My Food Plan. 

Template Food Control Plan 

  • essential staff training
  • advise and supply practical procedures and forms
  • assist operator verification (self-auditing)
  • preparation for external verification e.g. internal audits, reviews

National Programme 1, 2 and 3

  • provide tailored forms
  • provide testing protocols e.g. environmental, product, shelf-life
  • implementation training
  • assist operator verification (self-auditing)
  • preparation for external verification e.g. internal audits, reviews

Animal Products Act

Risk Management Programmes

  • provide all essential components

Transitional Facilities 

Wine Act 2003 

  • provide all essential components

Wine Regulations 2006  

  • Wine Standards Management Plans
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All Systems Go Ltd. provides expertise:
  • Food Standards Code labelling requirements
  • Timely advice when the Standards Code changes
  • product nutrition information (NIP)
  • NIP calculated using recognised tools, an alternative to costly testing
  • allergen labelling, advisory and warning statements
  • label design
  • labelling for export
  • general and high level health claims
  • labels for Dietary Supplements Regulations 1985
  • labels for New Zealand Food (Supplemented Food) Standard 2013.
  • Ensuring your labels are compliant saves you reprinting, re-labelling or even a recall.

For more information, give us a call now on 09-557 4200 to discuss your requirements or email us at 

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All Systems Go can help with training your staff in all areas of food safety and your Quality Management System.

Competent and confident staff are an important factor towards business success. Careful investment in staff development ensures your business continues to profit and meet regulatory requirements. All Systems Go training is designed to suit the needs of food handlers and management.

Our regular training packages include:

  • Basic Food Safety
  • HACCP – Introduction / Advanced
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) Introduction / Advanced
  • Internal Auditing Introduction / Advanced
  • Training to meet the requirements of the Food Act 2014 – Template Food Control Plan (tFCP), My Food Plan (MFP)
  • VITAL allergen management
Whether it be at your office, or ours, one person, or a group. We have the training to help. These courses can currently be delivered in English, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese.
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All Systems Go will assist with your internal auditing requirements so that your business can consistently achieve good external verification outcomes.


Self-auditing, or operator verification, is an on-going process that ensures your food quality system is effectively maintained.


The internal audit is carried out alongside key staff so that it also functions as a training refresher enabling staff to improve their understanding of their risk based measure.


All Systems Go Auditing Limited