Wireless is convenient, easy, and goes where ever you go. And it's fast, right?

Well...kinda. Yesterday after moving offices one of our clients mentioned that while everything was working great, a few of the laptops weren't going as fast on the internet as the others.

So we whipped over there and investigated, and we found that most of the computers were on the wired Gigabit network (1000Mbps), an older one was limited to 100Mbps, and three were actually just using the wireless.

Here's a side by side comparison from Speedtest.net of the same computer connected via Wireless vs Wired Ethernet. Wireless does have it's place, but not when you're trying to do real work! For that, All Systems Go recommend wired internet connections where ever possible, and we will be glad to help you achieve that.

If you feel your Internet is slower than it should be, check if you're using wireless, and consider the possible speed gains just by plugging in. If you lack places to plug in, Give the ASG a team and we'll be happy to talk cabled options.