Take Extra Care in Hot Weather

The summer season is upon us!

The sun has started shining, the cobwebs are being cleaned off the outdoor furniture, the BBQ has been uncovered... roll on sunny days and balmy nights.  Of course, the risk of getting food poisoning increases, and the enjoyment of the season can quickly diminish if confined to bed. Not to mention the guilt if one of your family or friends ends up sick from something you have eaten!

MPI have offered the following advice for the season on their website.

Take extra care in hot weather

In summer, you need to take special care when preparing, cooking and storing food. Summer brings warm moist conditions - the ideal situation for pathogens to multiply quickly and cause food poisoning. Follow the clean, cook, cover, chill rules, but take extra care especially when barbecuing.

Safe barbecuing

  • Make sure your barbecue and cooking tools have been cleaned with soap and water before using.
  • Have separate utensils, plates and other equipment for raw and cooked foods - using just one set will mean you transfer pathogens from raw meats to cooked foods.
  • Don't place or prepare raw meat on the grill next to cooked or partially cooked meat or other ready-to-eat foods.
  • Precook chicken, sausages and minced meat, then barbecue until meat is steaming hot (over 75 degrees Celsius) all the way through.
  • Turn food regularly so that it cooks evenly.
  • Marinate meat in a covered container in the fridge and cook the marinade before pouring it over cooked foods.
  • Keep all food covered and cool until ready to cook or eat.


Happy Summer and Safe Eating