Server Monitoring and Backup

We have many customers who opt to proactively maintain their computing environment and we at All Systems Go understand the absolute necessity to keep your systems operational and secure. For managed customers we monitor backup systems and test restoration capabilities, monitor all network attached devices for security alerts, monitor email usage,  check hard drives for errors, monitor cooling systems and ensure Antivirus updates, operating system updates and Server patch releases are all applied.

In addition we offer desktop environment monitoring and maintenance. With our remote management tool on every device we can monitor and manage Windows and 3rd party patching, removing update disruptions for staff and ensuring your environment is completely secure and running at its best. Should you or your staff encounter any difficulties the built in remote access client means we can assist at a moment's notice. Sometimes without even having to disturb you! And we also have a toll free 24 hour support service for your convenience at 0508 GET ASG

All managed customers then receive a monthly summary of work completed which really keeps you in touch with the health of your systems. And we can also assist with forecasting and asset tracking as well.

And if you'e not ready to commit to a contract that's OK too. Let us give your essential systems a once over and we can give you an overview of any upcoming problems!

Your backup is only as good as the last time you checked it and All Systems Go takes pride in ensuring our clients backups and disaster procedures are up to date and ready to implement if disaster strikes.

We regularly test backups, review settings and ensure everything is as it should be. All Systems Go uses the latest technology to actively monitor your devices and also partners with KeepItSafe to offer online, hands-free backup.

To find out more about what we can offer call us at 09-557 4200 today and ask for Tim or Matty or email