Remote Support / Submitting a ticket

All Systems Go uses an advanced monitoring system to remotely connect to you when you need support - and keep your system running at it's best.

If you have our agent already installed there will be a little All Systems Go logo in the bottom right of your screen next to the clock. You might have to push the up arrow to see it.

If you don't already have our new monitoring agent - you can download it here.

Download the file and click run. In a few seconds you should have the All Systems Go icon in your System Tray by the clock.

Double Click on the ASG Icon - to open the Endpoint Management Window.
Then Click Connect

Next - You need to let us know whats going on. Click the "Tickets" Tab and click "New Ticket"

This will open a window where you can enter the specifics of the issue you're facing, and send it directly to our system.

We will then be able to come onto your computer with you so you can SHOW us the problem (No more trying to explain!) and we can sort it out right there and then!