Production Management

At AllSystemsGo we know how hard it can be to keep track of production, stock and processes. As part of leading the way we are proud to become suppliers and supporters of icicle.

ICICLE is the most advanced HACCP-based food production management system available today. ICICLE has emerged as a leader in the food industry with over 650 facilities in 12 countries.

ICICLE is uniquely positioned to offer a comprehensive cloud-based solution, with support for the latest GFSI standards and the ability to enable collaboration between employees, management, staff, consultants, and inspectors. The key benefits of ICICLE include:

· Streamlines vendor management
· Improves product quality
· Reduces labor costs
· Improves audit outcomes
· Opens new markets to large clients requiring HACCP certification
· Facilitates GFSI certifications
· Meets increasing customer and regulatory requirements
· Mitigates the risk of recalls
· Easy to use
· Rapid setup
· No local IT infrastructure or technical skills required
· No hidden costs
· One-click HACCP plan generation
· Accessible from anywhere