Passwords are pretty old technology aren't they? Used since the days of hiding gold in caves and that kind of "Open Sesame" nonsense.  Yet we still use them to protect so many things in our digital life. While they're not perfect - They're what we're stuck with for most purposes now, and if yours isn't good - you'd better watch out.

Just this week I have dealt with two customers who have had their email accounts compromised and used to send spam. They have had their mailboxes filled with replies (of the rather negative variety...)  and lost many productive hours sifting through mail trying to find out what has sent to who, what has not, and all the rest!

A good password has lots of different elements, is not a word in the dictionary, and uses special characters like @(^&%$!

For example: AndrewAt@llSyst3msG0!  is a good password... allsystemsgo123 is not!

AllSystemsGo can help you with your passwords, or there's loads of information online. Test your password for strength here - It shows that a password I used to use commonly  can be cracked in under a minute.

I'm off to change my own passwords now - If you have any hassles doing so, give us a call  we're happy to help!

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