Document Control

Many people underestimate the importance of document control.  The purpose is to protect the content of your documents and increase the effectiveness of the information for the staff who are required to use it for their work.

Document control of the Quality Manual is a requirement for most food standards and regulations, and a non-compliance can be applied if it is not made properly.

By having a documented programme all your key company procedures, policies, forms etc. are all in one place.  This helps ensure control over the content, format, versions and issuing of the correct information for your organisation.

A few key things to remember when creating or reviewing documents:

  • Ensure the information serves a purpose
  • All key personnel reviews the information to ensure it fits the purpose its intended for
  • It is in a format that is suitable for the staff who are required to use it
  • Documents are readily available to those who require access
  • Information is kept up to date
  • Any confidential information is restricted to the people who require it
  • Information is retained to improve your company's opportunities and solve problems
  • All files are controlled to ensure there is only one version available at all times.