Data Security?

What do you do when your IT equipment has reached the end of its useful life?

If any of that equipment contains a hard drive you may want to think carefully about how you dispose of it.

This weekend I found myself at a garage sale and picked up a used external hard drive for $5. I figuredĀ  Why not!

I got it home and plugged it in. The previous owner had deleted their data before selling the drive. Or so they thought!
Unfortunately when Windows deletes a file it is FAR from gone! After running a free tool over the drive I was able to recover the following:

Wedding Photos.
A letter from a previous employer confirming his position and pay details.
A scanned copy of his drivers licence and passport.
A scanned copy of his wifes drivers licence and passport.
His father had obviously had heart problems and there were videos of the INSIDE OF HIS HEART.

While for me this was purely an academic exercise, I can only imagine what someone less honest would do with this information.

At All Systems Go we can ensure that your data is destroyed properly and that is it completely unrecoverable by physically destroying all data storage devices.

Other parts of your old systems are then recycled responsibly.