Custom Built Solutions Desktop and Server

At All Systems Go we custom build PCs and Servers for our clients.

How does a Custom Build compare to famous brands like HP or Dell?

Here are some benefits of getting a custom built PC or server:

  • We only build with hardware and software that are current and up to date. Most hardware in shops might be on the shelf for months and won't necessarily be the most current.
  • We always use the best and trusted brands like Intel, Asus, Kingston, Western Digital and Seagate to ensure maximum reliability.
  • We customize the system for what you need it to do. There's no point buying a high performance Gaming PC for 3D Design or basic office work. More expensive doesn't always mean better!
  • A custom build means you can easily add upgrades later on without having to worry about voiding the warranty when you damage the warranty sticker.
  • You can choose what software you want to use. We only install the Operating system and handpicked basic programs. We don't overload your new pc or server with free trials that will constantly pop up asking for money or details for a subscription.
  • We always look ahead to make sure the system you purchase today will still perform a few years down the track.

However - if there is a perfect solution prebuilt and off the shelf, we will work with it and ensure the highest quality and benefits get included in that package too!

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