BYOD Device Supply, Toshiba, Lenovo, HP, Microsoft

BYOD stands for Bring Your Own Device and you've probably already been exposed to this concept if you have children at school. But what device should you invest in? Well more than likely your school has recommended a few devices so you'll need to talk to us at ASG to help evaluate them. And you'll probably want us to remove the free trials, activate your free subscriptions, create a few accounts and set everything up ready to go. We can also configure family safety options and install our recommended NOD Antivirus.

But what does BYOD mean for your business and how do you manage all these random devices on your company network?

There are lots of solutions for that too, and ASG have a handle on some of the very best. For instance, we can implement a CISCO Security Appliance for your network. If you want staff to bring in their own devices but want to control the amount of internet bandwidth they can use then we can configure this to host these devices on a dedicated portion of your internet bandwidth. We can also host them on a guest network if required so they don't have access to download and store your precious company information. And you'll know they have up to date Antivirus installed because we'll deploy our network management tool N-Able to report on all your devices, monitor their usage and manage Windows and 3rd party patching.

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