Backup Options

Experiencing a system crash can be hard to swallow, and without the safety net of a suitable backup solution it can be simply soul destroying. Here at ASG we feel your pain and have invested considerable time and effort into crafting suitable backup solutions with various technologies.

We partner with KeepItSafe, and highly recommend this backup solution which provides easy, offsite, hands free incremental backup. Monthly billing plans start from as little as $15 plus GST per month for 5GB on NZ hosted storage. It's a no brainer.

Next up we recommend Macrium Reflect Desktop & Server software. With a one off cost this software provides incremental backup to multiple media and can be configured to email notifications. You can also opt for one of our maintenance & monitoring agreements so you'll really be able to sleep easy knowing ASG has you covered. You will need to remember to rotate the onsite media and put one under your pillow every now and then. Call the office for the latest pricing.

And finally if you simply need to protect against hard disk failure for a home device with your favourite recipes and a copy of your latest eBook stored on them, then we can help configure some of the free options that come with Windows. We can also supply the backup drive\s. Now how's that for easy.

Please call us now before it hits the fan!