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All Systems Go Ltd was originally established in 2002 with Information Technology (IT) services as its primary business. In 2006 the Compliance Division was added focusing on Consultancy Services in the Food Safety, Quality Management and Health and Safety industries.

Our Consultants have helped numerous businesses fill the gap between the actual situation and the desired one. We are familiar with current regulatory and customer requirements in New Zealand and abroad and can help your business meet all your IT and compliance needs, allowing you to focus your resources and time on other business areas.

our team

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✤ Food service businesses with an alcohol licence ✤ Early childhood education centres that make food ✤ Processors of nuts and seeds - These include businesses that roast coffee beans, roast, salt or coat nuts or seeds, or make products like nut bars or trail mix ✤ Manufacturers of food for vulnerable people ✤ Sauces, spreads, dips, soups, or broths that need to be kept cold (non-shelf stable) ✤ Ready to eat salads
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