Thank you guys. Appreciate your time in helping me out.  I bother you guys a lot but you never make me feel uncomfortable. I cannot rave enough about you all.



(For the record - Our customers are NEVER a bother! - ASG)


Michael was a big help yesterday (again!) and I enjoyed meeting you - you have  lovely new offices and there's a great vibe there.

Kind regards,



Matty: Hope you enjoy Windows 10 on your new super-fast SSD!!!!!!
Deborah: I am already!! What a great thing to come home to!!


Thanks Matty, the usual high standard of service we receive from ASG again and appreciated. The screens are great.

Does this affect you? If so give us a call.
✤ Food service businesses with an alcohol licence ✤ Early childhood education centres that make food ✤ Processors of nuts and seeds - These include businesses that roast coffee beans, roast, salt or coat nuts or seeds, or make products like nut bars or trail mix ✤ Manufacturers of food for vulnerable people ✤ Sauces, spreads, dips, soups, or broths that need to be kept cold (non-shelf stable) ✤ Ready to eat salads
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