Compliance Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

1 Standard Rate

Our standard rate is $135 plus GST per HOUR worked. If a formal quote is not required, this rate will be applied to the time spent on the agreed work. Please note that this includes consultancy over the phone and via emails as well as communication on your behalf with third parties (e.g. clients, regulatory bodies, etc.)

2 Quote

When a quote is provided, additional information may be required in order to allow us to quote accurately. If we cannot quote with precision due to the nature of the discussed work, an estimated quote may be supplied subject to change depending on the time required to fulfil the task(s). Please note that the client may require to be informed if the tasks take more than the agreed amount of time.

3 Initial onsite visit

When an initial consultancy is required onsite, a minimum of one hour will be charged based on our standard rate (see TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1). The initial onsite visit is fully chargeable unless a quote arising from the consultation is agreed upon, in which case the initial onsite visit will be discounted.

4 Travel

Travel time cost is based on our standard rate (see TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1), costs relating to travel (e.g. planes tickets, accommodation, parking fee, etc.) will be charged in addition to that.

5 Additional work

Any work required/agreed-on that is outside the scope of an agreed quote (e.g. additional processes to be included in a programme in development, additional client requirements, etc.) will be charged separately based on our standard rate (see TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1).

6 Peer review

Peer review is normally required for our services, even ones where a quote was not required (e.g. internal audits), and this will be charged.

7 Work outside of normal hours

Any work that require overtime such as an emergency or consultancy outside of All Systems Go Ltd. work hours may include an overtime fee. The fee will be agreed on prior to the start of work.

8 Agreement

Prior to us undertaking any work we require a written confirmation either by email or some other document in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

9 Due date for payments

Payment is required seven (7) days following the receipt of an invoice unless a prior arrangement is made.

10 Cancellation policy

A consultancy appointment can be cancelled one day prior to the scheduled appointment without further costs. If an appointment is cancelled twice, or cancelled on the day of the appointment, an hour of work based on our standard rate (see TERMS AND CONDITIONS 1) may be charged.

If a work based on an agreed quote is cancelled, we require the full charge to be paid unless an agreement can be made that covers the amount of time invested in the project as well as any non-refundable travel costs. Any partial work done will be supplied to the client if possible. For any other scheduled work, the time already spent by the consultant will be charged and any partial work done will be supplied if possible.

11 Overdue payment

A fee will be charged (5% of the total price of the service) for overdue payment. Work will be put on hold until payment is completed.

12 Confidentiality

Independence, Impartiality, and Integrity:

All Systems Go Ltd. is free from any commercial, financial, and other pressures which may affect judgment with regard to the conditions under which it performs its services. The Company has a firm philosophy and mandate to perform at all times with a high degree of integrity, impartiality, and responsibility with no conflicts of interest created by its management, staff, or contractors.


Staff shall not:

  • Discuss clients' affairs with anyone (other than authorized All Systems Go Ltd. personnel) except if instructed by the client.
  • Allow any unauthorized third party to see, whether in or out of the office, information relating to a client or leave such information out in the open when leaving the client site for the day.
  • Use or exploit All Systems Go Ltd. or any staff for their own benefit.
  • Use improperly, or permit to be used for the benefit of All Systems Go Ltd. staff members, any information obtained or knowledge gained by reason of association with the client.

Staff Conduct:

Individual employment contracts refer to the Code of Conduct and Confidentiality clauses which comply with all legislation and contractual arrangements.